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Since the band’s inception in 2007 “I Don’t Know" - The Ozzy Experience has performed on the Las Vegas strip, Southern California , Arizona, New Mexico and  in casinos and  state fairs all over the country. IDK has become highly regarded as the most authentic representation of Ozzy Osbourne in the country  today. In 2013 Ozzy Osbourne himself said to Kevin Schuhmacher, lead singer of "IDK", “Holy s*** it’s me!!!”, with the Ozzman adding “you must have paid attention to detail because you smashed it.”  “I Don’t Know” performs all of Ozzy’s many solo career hits as well as many songs from his classic Black Sabbath repertoire. 

PLUS we have our own Sharon Osbourne! Yes we have IDK's "MRS O" ..... "MRS O" comes out and does a few skits  with the band throughout the night, "MRS O" will make you feel like your watching  "The Osbournes"  reality MTV show again with lots of fun and Osbourne mayhem!

Kevin Schuhmacher - Ozzy (Skyline Choir, Terra, Sanctions, I Don't Know, Book Of Numbers.)

Brent Barker Guitar - (Anthem, White Lightning, St Johns, I Don't Know, Book Of Numbers.)

Dennis Hayes - Bass (Wretch, Castle Black, Winters Bane, Iced Earth and Seven Witches, I Don't Know, Book Of Numbers.


Bob Allen - Drums/Antics! Allen brings massive experience with his killer drumming and versitile metal style. Allen's main influences is, Randy Castillo and Tommy Aldridge & Tommy Lee! Allen brings the madness to the skin department! 

For booking just send us an email and we will get back to you ASAP. God Bless You All.


I Don't Know

I Don't Want To Change The World

I Don't Wanna Stop

Sweet Leaf

Miracle Man

Black Sabbath 

Gets Me Through

The Wizard

Over The Mountain



Shot In The Dark

No More Tears

Bark At The Moon

War Pigs

Fairies Wear Boots

Mr. Crowley


Suicide Solution

Iron Man

Mama I'm Coming Home 

Flying High Again

Children Of The Grave

Crazy Train


And we take requests!

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